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Cupar Walks
Map prepared by members of the Ramblers Association Scotland, with the help of the Scotways local representative.
Financial Assistance from Scottish Heritage and Awards For All (Sport Scotland).

  1. Riverside East Old Curling Pond.
  2. Tarvit Pond and Farm.
  3. Hawklaw and Kingask.
  4. Dairsie Mains and Foxton.
  5. Cupar to Hilton.
  6. Cupar to Moonzie Kirk via Hilton
  7. Elmwood College and St.Mary's Road.
  8. St.Mary's Farm circular.
  9. Hopetoun Monument.
  10. Cuparmuir and Simpson Bridge.
  11. Elmwood Farm and Springfield Wood.
  12. Hill of Tarvit from Cupar via Cuparmuir.
  13. Cupar to Ceres and return.
  14. Cairngreen Wood.

1. Riverside East Old Curling Pond
Distance: 2 miles, 3 km.(Short)
Terrain: Good paths (public park)
1. On leaving Fluthers car park cross A91 into Haugh Park. Cross park till riverside walkway is reached.
2. Turn left and follow the river. Cross Pitscottie Road and go down steps. There is a track to the left if the steps are a problem.
3. Continue on riverside path to T-junction and turn right round a belt of trees whrer a square of marshy ground used to be a curling pond.
4. Encircling this, cross the grass to rejoin the path to return to start.
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2. Tarvit Pond and Farm
Distance: 2 miles, 3 km, (Short)
Terrain: Roads, farm tracks and good paths.
1. From Fluthers Car Park cross A91 into Haugh Park. Cross park to riverside walk and turn left.
2. On reaching B940 (Pitscottie Road) turn right and cross railway bridge then turn right and immediately left into Tarvit Drive.
3. At the end of this street you will arrive at Tarvit Pond park. There are a number of routes you can take from here, the shortest being to circuit the pond on a surfaced path. To do this turn immediately left into the park after you pass the last house. This area is rich in bird life and you will see moor hens, mallard ducks and a variety of song birds. Alternatively, if you take the path at the far side of the park and follow it for a short distance you will reach a small path on the right which crosses a ditch.
4. The path goes up a flight of steps through a belt of trees passing a buried ice house on the left. Follow this path alongside a tall wooden fence until a farm track is reached. This is Travit Home Farm.
5.* Turn left and exit onto B940 after 200 yards.
6. Turn left on pavement and after a short distance a gap in the wall leads onto a path returning to Tarvit Pond through Balass Den.
7. After crossing a field track enter the woods and take the right hand path past an old well. The path continues with Tarvit Pond on your left for some distance through the trees till soon the high wall of the former garden of Tarvit House (now demolished) is seen on the right.
8. Continue on path alongside play park, then turn right and return the way you came along Travit Drive.
* Alternative route to return to Cupar: On reaching the farm, turn right and follow farm road up the hill till it joins Cupar - Ceres road. Turn right, admiring the view of Cupar and the Eden valley. This road re-enters Cupar past the primary school and South Road. This route is approx. 0.5 miles longer.
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3. Hawklaw and Kingask
Distance: 3 miles, 5 km. 100m ascent, (Short)
Terrain: Country roads and farm tracks.
1. Leave Fluthers Car Park by north pedestrian exit and cross into Castle Street. At top, turn into Well Street.
2. After wooden gate at No. 19, turn right into lane, then left along hedge behind houses. Continue along path till it joins Bishopgate.
3. Turn right and follow road uphill, passing entry to Middlefield Farm on the right.
4. At the top of the hill, the road makes a sharp right turn to go along the boundary fence of Hawklaw Government Communication Centre (no longer in use).
5. At the end of the field on the left, the track swings left towards Kingask Farmhouse. Pass the farm buildings and continue. The track continues alongside Kingask House and Kennels and joins the minor road from Cupar to Foodie.
6. Turn left here and follow this road for about 0.6 ml (.1 km) when it joins the road into Cupar at a T-junction.
7. Turn left to return to Cupar on the pavement, passing Adamson Hospital as you enter the town via Bank Street. At thr bottom of the hill swing left and continue along Burnside to reach Fluthers Car Park.
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4. Dairsie Mains and Foxton
Distance: 6 miles, 10 km. (Medium)
Terrain: Pavement along main road, farm tracks and minor road.
1. Follow Walk 3 to point 4 then continue straight on rough track past fields towards Dairsie.
2. When you reach Foxton farm road, turn right and continue downhill till A91. Cross over and enter track sighnposted to Chapelwell.
3. When you reach a T-junction turn left and continue straight on as views of Dairsie Castle and farm open out ahead.
4. On reaching Diarsie Mains * turn left and continue on minor road to rejoin A91.
5. When you reach the A91 cross over and turn left and follow the pavement till you return to the Foxton Farm road end once more. Turn right and continue back to the start the way you came.
* At this point, if you turn right and follow the road for about half a mile you will reach the interesting former Dairsie church, and a bit further on a beautiful old bridge over the River Eden. If you decide to do this you will add just over a mile to this walk, returning to Dairsie Mains farm by the way you came and rejoining the walk where you left at 4. above.
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5 and 6. Cupar to Moonzie Kirk via Hilton
Distance: No.5 (Hilton) is 4.5miles, 7km (Medium)............. No.6 (Moonzie Kirk) is 8 Miles,14km (Long).
Terrain: Tracks and paths, rough in places; some road walking. Height climbed: 400 ft (130m).
1. Follow directions for Hawklaw and Kingask walk (No.3) as far as Kingask House road end.
2. At junction, turn right and walk along road into Foodieash village. At the north end of the village green turn left into a grassy track which after a short distance joins the Cupar - Rathillet road just opposite the entrance to Hilton House.
For walk No.5 you return to Cupar from here by turning left and following the road back down into Cupar past the Adamson Hospital.
3. Walk No.6 : To continue to Moonzie Kirk, turn right up the hill and take the third turn to the left onto a track along the north of the farm steadings. This farm trains horses for the National Hunt, so horses and riders may be met on this track. Follow this track, which may be muddy and rough in places, for approx. 1.7 miles or 2.8 km. It passes through woodland before emerging into open fields above Muirside Cottage on the Lordscairnie road.
4. On reaching the road, turn right, and take the road to Moonzie which soon appears on the left. Follow this minor road till you reach the kirk, on the top of a rise. This church is built on the site of a mediaeval chapel known as the visible kirk, as its gable was whitewashed to guide pilgrims on their way to and from St.Andrews.
5. It is recommended to return to Cupar by retracing your steps as far as Foodieash, when you can return to the start by the minor road, which enters Cupar past the Hospital.
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7. Elmwood College and St.Mary's Road
Distance: 3 miles return, 4 km (Short)
Terrain: Footpaths, surfaced paths.
1. On leaving Fluthers Car Park, turn right and follow pavement along Burnside.
2. Cross over Bishopgate, Newtown and North Burnside in turn.
3. On reaching the other side of North Burnside, cross the Ladyburn by the foorbridge and make your way up the hill over the grass for 50m to meet a gravel path.
4. Keep left, then right, and follow the path along the top of the ridge of Moathill, with views looking down on Cupar on both sides.
5. Continue along the path till it joins the road at Balgarvie Cres. Continue in the same direction (west) until you reach the A913 (Balgarvie Road).
6. Cross over and immediately opposite enter a track which runs between Duffus Park and the Rugby Park. Continue along this track till you reach the grounds of Elmwood College and cross over the drive, still heading west.
7. The path narrows and runs between hedges. Keep the hedge on your right and continue westwards until the boundary fence of the college is reached.
8. Turn right here into a lane between high hedges. This joins St.Mary's Road after 500m. The playing fields are on your right.
9. On reaching the road, turn right and soon rejoin the A913, where you turn right to return to the start by the way you came.
You can park in the lane behind Duffus Park, or at the playing fields off St.Mary's Road. From here there are two further walks you can take: (8 & 9)
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8. St.Mary's Farm circular.
Distance: 3 miles, 4km. (Short)
Terrain: Road and farm tracks.
Start: Howe of Fife Rugby Park.
1. Follow St.Mary's Road for about 1.5km westwards, passing Horselaw steading on the left.
2. When you reach the entry to St.Mary's Farm, turn right into the farm road and follow it past the farm house. The track crosses the ladyburn and continues along the field edge, before swinging sharp right (eastwards). In the middle ages there was a parish church here called St.Mary's, hence the name of the farm and the Ladyburn.
3. Continue on this track till it joins the tarred farm road to Wester Balgarvie Farm up on your left. Follow the farm road back down to the A913.
4. Cross the main road and turn right onto the pavement on the other side to return to Cupar.
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9. Hopetoun Monument.
Distance: from Rugby Park: 7 miles or 11 km return. (Long). Ascent 180m.
Terrain: Road and waymarked footpaths, tracks, some very stony.
1. Start as for Walk 8 and walk along St.Mary's Road for about 3 km.
2. Pass Fernie Schoolhouse, on the left and take the next turn right. Take the road uphill for 1 km till you see the signpost for the path up to the monument on the left.
3. Follow waymarks across fields, on tracks, leaving gates as you find them, keeping dogs under close control, as you are likely to meet with farm animals.
4. Nearing the top you reach an unsigned junction. Take the left fork and continue to the top of the hill to admire magnificent views of the Lomond Hills and the entire Eden Valley. A short path to the right takes you to the monument, locked for safety reasons.
5. Continue clockwise round the hill to rejoin the unsigned junction where you came up. Return to the start the way you came.
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10. Cuparmuir and Simpson Bridge.
Distance: 4.6 miles, 7.3 km (Medium)
Terrain: Pavement - bitumen or gravel.
1. On leaving Fluthers Car Park, cross A91 and follow pavement past War Memorial, into Station Rd. Cross at pedestrian lights and turn right into Waterend Rd.
2. Walk along riverside under South Bridge and continue till nature ponds appear, where the path turns right and soon joins Millgate. (This path sometimes closed by flooding and Millgate is an alternative start to the walk).
3. Turn left into Millgate and after 200 yds turn right into Millbank.
4. At the top turn left at the Give Way sign into Brighton Road, signposted to Cuparmuir and continue on the pavement. Playing fields appear on the right.
5. Entering Cuparmuir, turn left just opposite telephone kiosk, by a former village shop, into Commerce St. At bottom cross industrial estate by marked right of way (studs set in roadway). Continue under railway bridge towards ABN Scotland's Damside Mill (animal feedstuffs).
6. Follow signs past mill to cross river by pedestrian Simpson Bridge, built in 1904 for mill workers.
7. Continue on footpath till A914 is reached, then turn left to return to Cupar by pavement alongside main road.
8. Just after you enter Cupar, at a bus stop, take the lane on the left which goes down to the river (the Cow Brae). The townsfolk's cattle which grazed on the river meadows came this way for milking. Turn right along the river. The path emerges behind Fisher's laundry, where there are some steps over a low bank and you come up just before the railway station. Turn left here, cross over the railway bridge and follow the road round to the right to reach the start.
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11. Elmwood Farm and Springfield Wood.
Distance: 7 miles, 11km (Long)
Terrain: Roads, farm tracks, muddy in places.
1. Follow Walk 10 to Cuparmuir passing telephone box and continue westwards to reach the entrance to Elmwood Farm.
2. Turn into the farm and follow the tarmac across the car park, turning left onto a gravel track heading westwards. Follow this for 750m to a notice board.
3. Follow path round football pitch and alongside golf course, bearing right towards Stratheden hospital buildings, and exit onto road.
4. Turn right and follow the road for about 100 yds when you cross over to find the entrance to a path on the left.
5. Follow this path along the bottom of Springfield Woods. The path in summer can be quite overgrown in places, but is passable. You can see in the distance Hopetoun Monument and the Quaker Oats factory.
6. At the end of the path you reach the road where you turn left to make your way into Springfield. Follow the road through Springfield, swing left at the Post Office and continue until you reach the railway bridge. Pass under the bridge and turn left, at a signpost to Cuparmuir 1 mile.
7. Take care crossing the railway bridge at the traffic lights, and immediately over the bridge, follow the road back to Cuparmuir.
8. When you reach Cuparmuir continue back to start the way you came.
N.B. Elmwood College has plans to re-route some of the paths around the farm and Golf Course so look out for new signs.
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12. Hill of Tarvit from Cupar via Cuparmuir.
Distance: 8 or 9 miles or 14km. Return possible via walk No.13 (Long)
Terrain: Roads and tracks. Section between A914 and Scotstarvit can be very rough and overgrown especially between May and November.
Ascent: 150 metres
1. Follow Cuparmuir and Simpson Bridge walk No. 10to reach A914. Turn right and follow the pavement till you reach the entry to Tarvit Mill (about 300 yards).
2. Cross main road here, where entry to the track is opposite, through a wooden fence with gateway. This track was the main road from Cupar to Kennoway till 200 years ago.
3. Make your way on this path through woodland where the old track is sunken between high banks, whose old stone walls have crumbled in places - look out for fallen stones and trees.
4. When the minor road Sandybrae is reached turn right and after 30 yards, the old track continues on the left up towards Scotstarvit Tower. Again boulders and fallen trees may be a problem.
5. On reaching the top, turn left onto the track which passes the entry to Scotstarvit Tower and leads to Hill of Tarvit estate after 0.5 mile, after crossing the A916.
6. To make a longer walk, turn right at 5 and follow a rough track past Scotstarvit Farm, signposted as a cycleway, which heads to Chance Inn. At Chance Inn, the track joins a minor road where you turn left and follow it until it joins the A916.
7. Turn left and make your way on the pavement into Craigrothie. At the bottom of the hill, cross over opposite Kingarroch Inn and turn into Old Mill Road. Follow this keeping left at all junctions till you cross the yard of the old mill buildings and come to a ford over the Craigrothie burn. Pedestrians cross by an ancient packhorse bridge.
8. Continue on the track to join Wemysshall Rd., where you turn right, and after 200m the entrance to Hill of Tarvit Estate is reached. You can now decide to visit the house and gardens and return to Cupar via Scotstarvit Tower (see point 4 above) and thereafter the way you came via Simpson Bridge.
9. Otherwise, if you continue along Wemysshall Road you will reach Ceres after about 2km. Return to Cupar by the Ceres Moor Road, (Walk 13).
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13. Cupar to Ceres and return.
Distance: 4 miles or 6 km return (Medium)
Terrain: Track, farm road, minor road on footpath.
Ascent: 120m
1. Start from Cemetery where there is parking. Follow Ceres Road for a short distance till you see the entrance to the Ceres Moor Road on the right.
2. Cross and follow this track uphill through Owlet Wood. At the top of the slope, keep the wood on your right and continue. This section can be muddy.
3. The path continues through a wooden gateway then begins to descend towards Ceres. When you reach the village you can visit the Folk Museum, shops and eating places before returning by the same route.
4. An alternative return route: Follow the signpost for Hill of Tarvit (NT) at Weysshall Road and after 800 yards, look out for the farm road to Whitehill farm on the right. Turn into this and continue uphill towards the farm. The track veers right passing farm buildings on the left before it turns eastwards and continues past two fields before joining the Cerse Moor Road above the village. Turn left here and return to Cupar by the way you came.
Hill of Tarvit Estate can be reached by continuing along Wemyshall Road past the farm road. The entrance gate is 500 yards further along the road on the right.
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14. Cairngreen Wood.
This wood lies about 1 mile form Cupar on the B940 on the right as you head uphill. There is some parking at the foot of the woods and there are three tracks which give access from the main road. The track nearest to Cupar, past the motor homes site, skirts the wood and eventually joins the Cupar - Ceres road.
Cairngreen Wood starting from Cupar
Distance: 6 miles, 10 km (Medium)
Terrain: Tracks, sometimes rough or muddy.
Ascent: 120m
1. Follow Walk 13 to point 3. Turn left at wooden gateway into farm track which leads to Cupar - Ceres road.
2. Turn left towards Cupar, and at Woodlands Farm turn right into a track which leads to Cairngreen Wood after 300m.
3. When you see the sign to Dura Den turn right to the top of the wood and pass through two gates through deer fences till you reach a signpost to the path which take you down through the woods to the B940. (To visit Dura Den follow the signpost at the top of the wood for 1.5km).
4. Turn left at the bottom of the wood and left into track beside Motor Home site to circle the wood and return to Cupar the way you came.
*Alternatively you could return to Cupar by the road, although there is no pavement till the entrance to Tarvit Farm. You can then return to Cupar via Tarvit Pond as described in Walk 2.
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